You Are Designed for Living

Robyn Wilson

In these rapidly and uncertain times, the ability to design our own lives is more important than ever before.

‘You Are Designed for Living: How to rewrite and design an inspired new life’ is an easy to follow guide to creatively rewriting your life.

Laying out a 7-step process for success drawn from the problem-solving methods of designers and creatives, this lifechanging book is filled with fun, easy and practical activities that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. As you move through the process, the journal you keep will become your own personal record of your journey to rewrite your life creatively – a source of inspiration and motivation, a place to reflect upon your success

You’ll save time, money and unnecessary effort with this guide. But most importantly, you’ll gain the confidence to open a new chapter in a life of your own design.