Self-publishing with Independent Ink

Self-publishing can be a complex and confusing process but the potential benefits can be far greater than traditional publishing.

When you use a traditional publisher you have access to an editor, editorial assistant, copy editor, designer, agent and publicist. However, unless your book is a best seller it will have a limited shelf life, which equals limited press time.

It is not uncommon for a publisher to ask you how you intend to sell your book. So why do you need a publisher at all, if you have the responsibility for promoting your book?

When you make the choice to self-publish, you remain in control. Independent Ink will guide you through the process, but all of the control remains with you, the author.

Editing & Proofreading

A word perfect finish for your book, every time


Complete typesetting services for a professional finish

Print & Publish

Hard copies and eBooks available in any quantity

Other Services

We offer a range of other services to help you complete your self-publishing journey, from your computer to a published book or eBook.

Why Choose Us

  • Flexible options to suit your needs and budget
  • Expert assistance at every stage of the process
  • All work completed in Australia
  • We guarantee the quality of our work

What Our Authors Say

I have worked with Post Pre-press for about 15 years, both in my capacity as in-house senior designer at Penguin Australia and as a freelance designer since 2006. Post Pre-press are exceptional and expert typesetters and always deliver beautiful typesetting, on time. They make informed and measured decisions when and if instructions are lacking, and offer serious expertise and problem solving. The Post Pre-press staff are seemingly unflappable; the calm in the storm that is often aligned with print deadlines and book-making. I cannot recommend them highly enough, as ones go-to typesetter of choice.
Sandy Cull, gogoGingko
As the Business Manager in an Independent School it has been my role to organise the production of our bi-annual book of students writing and art work. Working with the staff at Post Pre-press gives me peace of mind knowing that the end result is always going to be a professional book that is well laid out and of a quality that staff and students can be proud of. The staff I have worked with have listened to our requirements, have shown great attention to detail and have worked in an efficient and timely manner. They were prompt to communicate with us and despite a short timeline always produce the required work on time. I have no hesitation in returning to work with Post Pre-press again and again.
Moira Bitossi, Carinity