A Guide to Self-Publishing

The self-publishing process can be overwhelming. Find out how you can successfully navigate the self-publishing journey and turn your manuscript into a published book. This free guide will provide you with an insight into the terminology used in publishing circles and help you understand the fundamentals. Whether you are publishing a nonfiction book to complement your business or interest, a work of fiction, family history, cookbook or any other genre, this guide will be invaluable on your self-publishing journey.

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Modern Australian Usage by Nicholas Hudson

Modern Australian Usage A Practical Guide For Writers & Editors

Written by Nicholas Hudson, the Modern Australian Usage A Practical Guide For Writers & Editors covers everything from grammar to punctuation. We absolutely love this book and consider it essential reading for any aspiring author.

The book is available from a range of online bookstores, and we’ve included a link to the book on publisher Allen & Unwin’s website below.

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Self-Publishing

The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Self-Publishing gives you a simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step processes that will lead you on the journey from writing your book to the book launch and beyond. You will learn:

  • How to develop and structure your book writing journey
  • How to turn your manuscript into a published book
  • Building your author platform
  • Leveraging your book for long term success

Based on ten years experience in the publishing industry, The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Self-Publishing demystifies the book writing process, and the shows you how to publish a professional book yourself – one that you will be proud to hand out.

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Interactive Publishing Checklist

So you’ve finished your manuscript. Now what?

This free interactive checklist will help to keep you on track for publication success.

Simply download the checklist, enter your publication date, and mark off milestones in your journey to publication!

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