Few people can edit their own work effectively. Often what makes sense to you, the author, because of prior knowledge and understanding of industry jargon, does not make sense to the reader. An edit is extremely beneficial if you want your work to be polished and professional. It is the first step in avoiding the look of a self-published book.

Independent Ink recommends that you employ the services of an experienced editor to read your manuscript and, at the very least, provide a manuscript assessment.

Types of editing:

  • manuscript assessment
  • copy edit
  • proofreading.

We can recommend freelance editors who specialise in your chosen genre, and if required, we can facilitate this process for a small fee.

Proofreading your manuscript can be done either before or after your manuscript has been typeset, and a separate quote for proofreading will be provided.

Manuscript assessment

During a manuscript assessment, your manuscript is read with a focus on the overall structure, content and style. The editor will specifically look at your narrative, voice, plot, pace, characterisations, dialogue, readership, title, length and presentation.

A thorough review of each of these aspects will be provided, as well as examples and suggestions for improvements. Demonstrations on how grammar, spelling and punctuation may need to be corrected will be provided, however, this edit will not correct all errors.

The benefit of obtaining a manuscript assessment is that it provide you with professional advice on the big overall aspects of our work, allowing you to rework and polish your manuscript.

Copy edit

A copy edit is the most thorough edit, and ensures that nothing disturbs the interaction between author and reader. Points checked during this edit include:

  • narrative, voice, plot, pace, characterisations, dialogue, readership, title, length and presentation
  • grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • consistent style
  • factual accuracy
  • correct illustrations, suitably placed and captioned
  • completeness
  • coordination of copyright applications and acknowledgments, legal concerns etc.
  • checking of title page, imprint page, references, indexes, chapters etc.


Proofreading is generally the final edit, but we recommend that you proofread your manuscript at various stages along the publishing process. In this edit we will check all spelling, grammar, punctuation, layout and styling.