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Lady Startup

Ed. Mia Freedman

Join Mia Freedman, co-founder of Mamamia as she goes behind-the-scenes of success with 56 female entrepreneurs including some of Australia’s most well known Lady Startups who all open up about their business ups and downs with revealing candour.

  • Janine Allis, Boost Juice
  • Jo Horgan, MECCA Cosmetica
  • Carolyn Creswell, Carman’s
  • Jane Lu, Showpo
  • Lizzy Abegg, Spell Designs
  • Aimee Marks, TOMs Tampons

…as well as 50 other Lady Startups including an all-size model agency, a boutique brewery, a tattoo removal and coding courses for girls. Discover the secrets of the women successfully selling everything from all natural fake tan, gourmet sauces, plus size fashion, eco bras, glamping tents, art, luxe headscarves, frozen yoghurt and dozens more kickarse, quirky and original ideas.

$1 from every sale keeps a girl in school for a day thanks to partner charity Room to Read.


A Step Up For Stepfamilies

Marcia Watts

Anyone on the journey of becoming or being in a stepfamily knows that stepfamily life is complex. Members can often feel isolated, misunderstood and unrecognised.

Who do we talk to about our struggles? Who understands the unique challenges we face and can validate our often very conflicted feelings? Who and where do we turn to for guidance, support and encouragement and a sense of direction when everything feels chaotic and unpredictable?

Marcia Watts – step-parent, parent, wife, relationships counsellor and psychotherapist – knows the reality of being in a stepfamily from both personal and professional experience. In A Step Up for Stepfamilies, Marcia shares heartfelt, practical and reassuring research and strategies to empower you to cultivate your own thriving, resilient and loving stepfamily. She shows that being in a stepfamily can be enjoyable and rewarding, especially when armed with constructive and helpful tools to confidently step up challenges.

With real-life anecdotes, advice on parenting, grief, ex-factors and looking after yourself, and resources for professionals, A Step Up For Stepfamilies is the essential handbook to successfully navigate stepfamily life.


Small Company, Big Business: How to get your small business ready to do business with big business

Bronwyn Reid

At some point, every small business will have to take on a contract with a large organisation if they are going to grow. But less than 15% of small companies are actually ready to take this step. Over more than 20 years in business, Bronwyn Reid has seen time and time again how winning one, initial contract with a ‘big name’ can be the spark that lets a small company realise its potential growth. But as Bronwyn knows from first-hand experience, becoming a supplier to a large company isn’t easy – and there’s a lot to know and do. But almost everything that has been written about the small business/big business relationship is from the big company point ofview. In this unique book, Bronwyn describes the 5 essential steps for attracting and retaining buyers as customers – whether they be national or international companies, Government, or even large Not For Profits.

  • Understand how big buyers think
  • Set solid business foundations
  • Develop robust business systems
  • Get on their radar
  • Tell your story

WIKID POWER: How to make influential decisions for superiority

Ian Coombe

Ian Coombe’s first book, WIKID POWER: How to Make Influential Decisions for Superiority, hit #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller list and Ho New releases list before it was launched.

Inside, Ian explains the 5-step decision-making process that was so effective at winning that the military wanted it classified beyond TOP SECRET. It is written in a conversational way and is salted with a myriad of Ian’s wonderful and amazing stories.

WIKID POWER explains many other theories and makes them redundant. If you want to know all about decision making, this is the only authoritative reference source you’ll ever need. A must for any bookshelf.


WIKID Fables

Ian Coombe

Ian Coombe, author of WIKID POWER, is transforming the magical literary world of fables into the contemporary world. No longer just for children, adults too are finding less time to read full books and are appreciating a quick story while they have their daily cuppa! With the traditional moral at the end of each story, the WIKID Fables tackle one decision-making topic at a time. There is no better way to learn than through story and Ian’s style is loved by adults and children alike!

All about decisions, all people of all backgrounds can immediately relate to the stories, which are craftily written inclusively to be culture, gender and family-structure neutral.

Ideal for ages 8 to 108!


Am I French Yet?

Kate Petersen

Have you ever dreamt of moving overseas and pretending to be someone else?

Kate always felt French. She spoke the language and had visited the country numerous times, but she wanted to ‘be’ French – hard to do when living in Australia. For years she dreamed of ‘doing life’ in France, and one day she made it happen. With her husband and three children in tow, Kate packed up their life in Australia and moved to picturesque South-West France for a complete change of scenery.

Am I French Yet? captures the pleasure and pain of making a dream into reality, and takes the reader on the inspiring journey of moving across the world to experience a new way of life. It’s 350 pages of family adventure, soul searching and heartfelt emotion as Kate seeks to learn more about herself and her new home.


The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Self-Publishing

Ann Wilson

The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Self-Publishing gives you a simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step processes that will lead you on the journey from writing your book to the book launch and beyond.

You will learn:

  • How to develop and structure your book writing journey
  • How to turn your manuscript into a published book
  • Building your author platform
  • Leveraging your book for long term success

Based on ten years experience in the publishing industry, The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Self-Publishing demystifies the book writing process, and the shows you how to publish a professional book yourself – one that you will be proud to hand out.


The Olive Kiss

Shona Cox

The Olive Kiss tells the story of the unknown nuance between a master craftsman and a wealthy Judean merchant – an evolving friendship that leads to jealousy, envy and fatal mistakes.

Published in 2017, The Olive Kiss takes an ancient story and re-imagines it. With original artwork commissioned as printed works, The Olive Kiss is a study of poetry, literary exploration and art. Written in the visual style of cinematic prose, peppered with lyrical descriptions and focusing on the intimate relationships between characters known to the biblical world, The Olive Kiss is both a prayer and a quest for the great ‘what if?’

‘Brilliant and beautiful’ with visionary insight and turn of phrase, Shona Cox has crafted the poetry and landscape of the ancient world sublimely. Yet, the characters remain modern, their tension and demands completely on trend with everyday life, of friendship, desire, intrigue, distrust, and loss. The Olive Kiss is written for now, its message of old resonating through time to strike a chord in our contemporary buzz. Listen, absorb and seek the more is the mantra of this work.

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