Small Company, Big Business: How to get your small business ready to do business with big business

Bronwyn Reid

At some point, every small business will have to take on a contract with a large organisation if they are going to grow. But less than 15% of small companies are actually ready to take this step. Over more than 20 years in business, Bronwyn Reid has seen time and time again how winning one, initial contract with a ‘big name’ can be the spark that lets a small company realise its potential growth. But as Bronwyn knows from first-hand experience, becoming a supplier to a large company isn’t easy – and there’s a lot to know and do. But almost everything that has been written about the small business/big business relationship is from the big company point ofview. In this unique book, Bronwyn describes the 5 essential steps for attracting and retaining buyers as customers – whether they be national or international companies, Government, or even large Not For Profits.

  • Understand how big buyers think
  • Set solid business foundations
  • Develop robust business systems
  • Get on their radar
  • Tell your story