Ollie the Octopus PB

Dr Robert Melillo & Dr Genevieve Dharamaraj

Ollie the Octopus™ wants to be the best juggler in all the Seven Seas, but he is so clumsy sometimes!

Ollie can’t sit still, gets frustrated easily, and when he has a tantrum – watch out! Ollie’s friends have some problems, too.

When Dr Robert Melillo (a world-famous specialist in childhood neurological disorders) meets Ollie one day, he thinks he might know how to help Ollie and his friends reach their potential. Dr Rob can help them all become truly magnificent! With easy-to-understand language and charming illustrations, Ollie the Octopus™ and His Magnificent Brain teaches children about complex topics like neuroplasticity and brain development.

This delightful book helps children understand what retained primitive reflexes are, how these reflexes might affect their behaviour, and what they can do to integrate their reflexes – and change their lives.

The book includes a special section for adults with information and exercises to help children integrate their retained primitive reflexes. Dive in and follow Ollie’s journey!