The Benefits of Having a Pet at Work

>>The Benefits of Having a Pet at Work

The Benefits of Having a Pet at Work

I would like to welcome and introduce our new team member, Wilson.

A quick google search shows a vast amount of research on the positive impact pets have on our lives and the benefits they bring to the workplace. But until you experience having a puppy at work it is hard to imagine how this arrangement will work in real terms.

Those who know me well will know I have wanted a dog for years, and this year my children surprised me for my birthday. It was love at first sight, but what I didn’t realise was the impact he would have at the office.

I am lucky; I run the office from a property I own and we have a large yard, so it was relatively simple to bring Wilson to the office most mornings. He has now been with us for two months now and is proving to be a great asset.

There have been many benefits, but the main difference is I now spend quality time away from my desk. I eat lunch outside and spend the time contemplating life. And no, this isn’t a waste of time; some of my best ideas come to me while I’m throwing a stick in the air!

Staff are always greeted enthusiastically with much tail wagging – what could be a nicer way to start the day? And we all take time away from our screens throughout the day interact with Wilson, catch our breath and clear our minds.

We are also hoping to introduce another four-legged member soon as there is talk of Renee becoming a puppy mum too. Exciting days ahead.

Would I recommend a puppy at work? Most definitely. And I would love to hear if you take your pet to work.

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About the Author:

Ann Wilson is the owner of Independent Ink and Post Pre-press Group. Ann has successfully run a number of businesses over the years both in Brisbane and the United Kingdom and is passionate about providing clients with a professional, easy to use service. Through years of working with traditional publishers Ann has a gained wealth of knowledge that she is excited to share with Indie Authors.

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  1. Bronwyn August 23, 2018 at 10:35 am - Reply

    Absolutely Ann! Our two dachshunds, Impi and Milo, are a permanent feature of our office. Then we add in the neighbour’s dogs who come for a visit and the two dogs owned by one of our casual employees. It is not unusual for dogs to outnumber humans.

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