This past week I have experienced a shift in mindset and with this has come a greater understanding of the importance of creating a writing habit.

In order to reach my daily target of 1000 words a day I have restructured my routine. As a creature of habit I thought this was going to be a difficult process. Especially, when it involves getting out of bed early and arriving at the office by 6.30 am.

This is what I have learnt

Arriving at the office, or working from home at a scheduled time, not checking social media or emails helps you stay on track and meet your daily word target.

With each and every day that you practise your writing ‘habit’, it gets easier.

Altering your ‘mindset’ on how you see writing has a huge impact on the ease at which you approach writing a book. Focusing on writing as a joy and something you find rewarding not as a chore has positive benefits to the success of meeting your daily target.

The more you write the greater clarity you will gain about the wealth of knowledge that you have stored in your head. You will also see and understand the areas of your business that you need to develop and research. Therefore, being a wonderful endeavour for your readers, for yourself and your business.

Sometimes you will have detours on the road and that is okay. Don’t beat yourself up about taking a day or two off. Commit to getting back on track and keep going with your writing habit.

It is amazing how the need to clean can become overwhelming when faced with a challenge out of your comfort zone. My detour came when I spent the best part of the day decluttering the office. This meant going through years of paper work either filing it away or binning it, getting rid of furniture and reorganising filing cabinets.

It was a big day, physically exhausting but I went home feeling lighter, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Coming into my office this morning and being greeted by my uncluttered desk felt energising.

What I have learnt this week has been that creating a writing habit gets things done and decluttering can allow you to do this with renewed energy.

We would love to share in your writing habit and what keeps you on track.

Until next time, happy writing.

Ann Wilson

Working Title: The Entrepreneurs Guide to Self-Publishing – How to Write, Publish and Leverage Your Business Book